Muscle testing (MT) is an ancient healing tool that has been around for centuries.  It is biofeedback without all the gadgets.  At the beginning of the 20th century, medical doctors began to use MT to diagnose their patients.  However, they no longer use it but have chosen to use much more complicated and expensive equipment and testing to evaluate the body.

To explain how muscle testing works, let us first look closely at an Atom. At the subatomic level, interaction of electrons, protons, and other elements are constantly creating electrical charges.   Therefore, the human body is an electrical unit and works in a similar manner to the electricity of a house.  If an electric wire shorts out, electricity cannot get to a lamp to produce light.  However, we can call in an electrician to repair the short and then the electricity can flow freely to the lamp and, once again, we have light. 


If we ask an electrician or auto mechanic, he will tell us that anything that is electrical has an electromagnetic field around it.  As an electrical unit, all living things have an electromagnetic field around them as well.  This electro magnetic field can be seen by the use of Kirlian Photography.

So then, if something that has an opposing electrical charge (such as an allergen or a poison) comes into our electromagnetic field, it creates chaos in our electrical system.  This will short out or stop the flow of electricity (or energy) in every muscle in the body. If we push on these weakened muscles, they cannot resist.  Therefore, we can use a normally strong muscle to test what is causing weakness or an electrical short in the body.  Therefore, Muscle testing is a way to identify disrupted energy in the body.

We were created with an incredible Feed Back System. 10,000 bits of information come into our brain every second. As we have learned from Einstein’s formula E=MC square, we know that all things are energy. Everything, therefore, has a frequency. In Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy, we have identified the frequencies of non functioning muscles, ligaments, blood vessels, nerves, organs, as well as many organisms that cause illness with a numeric code. By tapping the code on the client and then muscle testing, we can find out exactly what is causing a problem for our clients.

Bruce Lipton, PhD in his book Biology of Beliefgives a very thought provoking answer to how the mind works and how the subconscious mind can over ride the conscious mind. Therefore, even our thoughts can produce an opposing electrical charge that can weaken every muscle.

On page 159 we read, “A student Chiropractor explained to him about MT: “When your conscious mind has a belief that is in conflict with a formerly learned “truth” stored in the subconscious mind, the intellectual conflict expresses itself as a weakening of the body’s muscles".

“To my astonishment, I realized that my conscious mind, which I exercised so confidently in academic settings, was not in control when I voiced an opinion that differed from a truth stored in the unconscious mind.  My unconscious mind was undoing the best efforts of my conscious mind to hold up my arm when I claimed my name was Mary.  I was amazed to discover that there was another “mind,” another force that was co-piloting my life.  More shocking was the fact that this hidden mind, the mind I knew little about (except theoretically in psychology) was actually more powerful than my conscious mind.

On page 204 par 4 we read, “The PSYCH-K process is simple, direct and verifiable.  It utilizes the mind/body interface of MT (kinesiology) to access the self-limiting “files” of the subconscious mind.” 

“I have attempted to show that MT is a viable and none invasive tool that can be used to access what is really happening in the body.  If this assists only a few people to understand and embrace MT, I will be fully satisfied.  Good health to you.” Bruce Lipton.