Thank you for your excellent services all these past almost 20 years. I have come to you with my various problems starting with the wonderful results I had when you treated me for chronic fatigue that I had suffered with for so long and which I have never again had to deal with. I also find you a person of the highest integrity and empathy. Thank you so much for your great work. You are the best. 


Kathleen Krellner

     I started having headaches about the age of 10. By the time I was 18, I had severe headaches and no energy. So my mother took me to a Homeopathic doctor in Philadelphia, Penn. Hypoglycemia was the diagnosis.  He took me off all sugar, including fruit, potatoes and grains. I did feel better and it taught me to watch everything I ate.

     In my forties, once again fatigue and horrendous headaches plagued my life.  I was sleeping 12 hours a day and dragging through the other 12 hours.  I could hardly get up a flight of stairs.  After 4 medical doctors and many tests, they told me “There is nothing wrong with you, Mrs. Krellner, just take this pain killer”.  Discouraged, I went back to my chiropractor.  However, I would go out of alignment by the time I arrived home.  Frustrated, he sent me to a massage therapist in the hopes that relaxing the muscles would allow the bones to stay in place.   The massage therapist was learning this new technique, Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy.  Although I knew nothing about how the energy in our bodies works, I felt a shift in my energy after the first treatment. Gradually, I began to have more energy and less headaches until I had no headaches and a reasonable amount of energy.

      As my health improved, I wanted to learn this amazing technique so that I could help others who did not find answers with the doctors.  The classes were being held outside of Denver, which was a 2½ hour flight and another hour drive.  I was not up to the trip on top of the studying for 2 years. In the meantime, I learned Shiatsu massage and was certified in 1995.  As my health continued to improve, I slowly began to build a massage practice.

      In May of 1999, I graduated the intensive two-year course in Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy  (QEST), I started to see the amazing changes QEST makes in many lives, including my own.  Many have had results with QEST after they have tried other therapies without results.  Others come to QEST because they have seen results with family members or friends and want its protective and restorative benefits, even if they are not currently experiencing symptoms.  

     QEST has so dramatically changed my life that I am forever grateful for it’s benefits!  I am both passionate and committed to furthering QEST through working with clients and teaching. I greatly desire QEST to be available to more people so that they may live a higher quality life. ​​