​​​​Medical Foods & Nutraceuticals

If you are not already a client and would like to get started on your neutritional program, call (951-768-3696) or email (kathleenqep@yahoo.com) me.

Metagenics & Designs For Health                            High quality professional nutrition supplements and Medical Foods that are used to adjust body composition (ratio of fat to lean muscle mass and fluid content). ​​

Once we have determined what products you need, I will set up an account for you with Metagenics (https://kkrellner.metagenic.com) and/or Designs For Health (https://www.designsforhealth.com) and then you may go to the website and click on Practitioner and place your order.

Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living oils are the highest quality essential oils. Essential oils were mankind’s first medicine. They are the regenerating, oxygenating, and immune defense properties of plants; they increase ozone negative ions in the area, which inhibits bacterial growth. They quickly penetrate tissue and can be inhaled for immediate affects.  

You can order the oils through me or I can set up an account for you and then you can order one or several single oils or blends or nutritional products or personal care items that incorporate the oils.  If you choose to have an auto shipment every month, the products can be changed every month and eventually you will receive a discount and you will earn points for free products.  

Bach Flower Essences 

These are a simple natural method of healing through the use of certain wild flowers. The remedies treat maladaptive emotional and psychological states of the patient rather than the individual physical condition. Dr. Bach developed an appropriate remedy for each psychological condition. These psychological conditions generate physical disorders and dysfunctions. We can make a formula to suit your needs. 

We can put together a combination of flower essences that will help reduce your stress.